The Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association (RMWCA) is a regional chapter (covering AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT & WY)  of the International Writing Centers Association.  This regional network acts as a support and resource for administrators and tutors and gathers at the Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference to celebrate and learn from those who tutor writing.

Fall 2017 President's Message

Kelly Webster, University of Montana

 Dear RMWCA Friends:

Montana has seen snow already, and we’re hunkering down for a busy season in the Writing and Public Speaking Center. You’re all doing the same, I’m sure. This is the work we love.

The RMWCA Executive Board has been busy on your behalf, pursuing new ideas that we think will engage our membership. We love ideas from our membership, so please reach out if you have thoughts to share or want to be involved. This is your RMWCA.

Here is a preview of what is to come this winter and spring:

The Executive Board will center its work on building the value RMWCA brings to you and our region. Summer 2018, we will institute for the first time RMWCA membership dues, which will be priced to ensure our organization remains accessible for all in our region.

This planned change will usher in a host of new benefits for our members, with the website and webinars available this spring. We plan to provide:

·       Robust travel grants for our members

·       Access to research grants

·       Seed money for sub-regional conferences               and gatherings

·       An annual webinar series led by experts in             our region

·       A new website that serves as a site for                  announcements, resources, and tutor                    interaction (and that enters the 21st                        Century!)

·       A RMWCA Tutor Conference registration                discount

I urge you to take advantage of RMWCA to connect with others in your area as often as possible. Sure, big conferences are fun and energizing opportunities, but so too are small, more informal gatherings. Consider gathering the people in your area to spend an afternoon discussing our shared work.

Meanwhile, please keep the upcoming conferences on your radars:

·       International Writing Centers Association              Conference in Chicago, November 10-13                (RMWCA will gather on Saturday evening)

·       Colorado/Wyoming Writing Tutor                             Conference at Regis University, April 2018

·       Rocky Mountain Writing Centers                               Association Tutor Conference in Denver,                 Winter 2019 (joint conference with the                   CWWTC)

And don’t forget to share any news or conference/gathering information here: Please contact your representatives (via email on the State Representatives page) to ask questions, share concerns or successes, and provide updates for the RMWCA Directory. State Reps are your direct link to other centers in your area. We hope you will help them feel needed and appreciated. 

We want to hear from you. Happy fall, everyone. 


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Join our listserv,, to keep in touch and share resources with other writing centers in the organization.  

Subscribe at, or email Outreach Coordinator Mary Ann Judge,, and she will add you.

To unsubscribe at any time, follow the directions on the welcome message, or ask Mary Ann to unsubscribe you.

RMWCA High School Directors   
Check out our regional high school directory on the Connect page. With over 1300 entries, there is some great contact info and eye-opening trends in the Rocky Mountain West and subregionally. Make use of the directory and add to it by sending additional info to  Kelly Webster.

Consider Hosting a Writing Center Conference or Professional Development Event         

RMWCA Seed Money Guidelines

Seed money grants are intended to provide start-up funds for hosts of writing center conferences and professional development events. Seed money must be repaid within 60 days of the event. RMWCA should be listed as a sponsor of the funded event.

Applications should be submitted to Elizabeth Kleinfeld by email ( Questions about the application should be directed to Elizabeth. Applications should include

 The applicant’s name, title, institutional affiliation, email address, phone number, home address, and a clear statement of whether the application is for Seed Money or a Research Mini-Grant.

  1. An abstract (200 words maximum) describing what the Seed Money or Research Mini-Grant will be used for.
  2. A proposal narrative (1000 words maximum) describing the purpose and outcomes of the proposed activity; who will benefit from the proposed activity; and a timeline for the activity.
  3. A budget justification
  4. The applicant’s CV

Proposals will be evaluated by the RMWCA Executive Board.

Recipients of Seed Money will be required to submit a report within 30 days of the event which explains how the funds were used. Seed money is expected to be repaid within 60 days of the event.