The Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association (RMWCA) is a regional chapter (covering AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT & WY)  of the International Writing Centers Association.  This regional network acts as a support and resource for administrators and tutors and gathers yearly at the Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference to celebrate and learn from those who tutor writing.

RMWCA Calls for Officer Nominations                        

The Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association seeks nominees for two important but manageable positions: president and outreach coordinator. Descriptions of both positions are included below. Time commitment for the president consists of quarterly board meetings and regular communication with RMWCA members, particularly around Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conferences. In addition to quarterly board meetings, the outreach coordinator conducts regular conference calls with regional representatives.

You are invited to submit your name or nominate someone else. Simply reply to this email message with the name, desired position, and email contact information.

President Responsibilities
1. Officially represent and express the viewpoints of the association
2. Call and conduct general meetings and all Executive Board meetings
3. Call special meetings as necessary
4. Appoint all committees with approval of the Executive Board
5. Represent RMWCA at writing conferences and meetings when possible

Outreach Coordinator
1. Stay in contact with state representatives, individually and through regular meetings conducted online or via conference call and report to the rest of the Executive Board
2. Promote RMWCA events throughout the region
3. Consult with state reps and organizers to support and publicize subregional or miniregional events

The Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association provides support, encourages scholarship, and promotes community among writing center professionals. Our primary commitment is to serve writing tutoring programs in our region while inviting participation from colleagues nationally and internationally. We define writing centers broadly, acknowledging the intersections of writing, reading, and academic support in the various institutional settings in which this work occurs. 

RMWCA Newsletter                                                 

The Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association is in flux currently.  Once we have a new President and Outreach Coordinator, we will issue an up-to-date newsletter.  Stay tuned!

RMWCA High School Directory

Check out our new regional high school directory on the 
Connect page. With over 1300 entries, there is some great contact info and eye-opening trends in the Rocky Mountain West and subregionally. Currently, we do not have an outreach coordinator, so please send changes that need to be made to