President's Message

President’s Message

Star Coulbrooke, Utah State University

Greetings and welcome to the January 2015 edition of the RMWCA newsletter.

My October 2014 nomination as president was voted-on in a November google poll (thanks for your votes!) and ratified in a Skype conference call with the executive board on January 27, along with the ratification of our new outreach officer, Mary Ann Judge, from the University of Idaho, and our new President-elect, Kelly Webster, from the University of Montana. We feel fortunate to work with our experienced officers, secretary Joyce Adams, treasurer Elizabeth Kleinfeld, and past-president Chris LeCluyse, and we look forward to a productive and rewarding collaboration with our writing center cohort (that’s you!) across eight Rocky Mountain states.

I want to build on the goals stated by Chris LeCluyse in his first president’s message, when he spoke of communication and collaboration. He created the RMPTC website and electronic newsletter as a way to pull us together and keep us informed about the happenings of our diverse and widespread centers. But many of us wanted more ability to talk with each other as a group, to make our conversations available to all who could benefit from proven practices and new ideas. And so we have now created an email listserv for our region! Mary Ann Judge has it ready to roll-out, and everyone on the newsletter list will receive it. Be sure to watch for the first post and use this great communication tool to connect with others. We hope everyone will use it to post questions, to share successes, and to make announcements about anything writing-center-related.    

I reiterate the statement Chris made in Newsletter 1.2: “We are better together than we are alone.” We are looking for people to fill State Representative positions and to step in as nominees for the executive board when our terms are up. It would be wonderful to have a list of caring folks who want to help keep this big group of us working together to help each other become the best we can be. I’ll bet you know a colleague or two who would be terrific at filling one of the positions. Contact them and get them excited. Better yet, tell us you’re interested and we’ll get you on our list of future nominees.

Bill Macauley, who served as president in summer 2014, asks the question, “What would make RMWCA more accessible for you?” He mentions the “differentiations among us,” and wonders about the “types of resources and supports might be most relevant” to our various centers. I plan to meet this fall with the executive board, a number of writing center directors, and the planners of the upcoming RMPTC/NCPTW meeting (see announcement on this page). Your input on Bill’s questions will be valuable in advance of the meeting, so please chime in. Reply to any of us via our email addresses on the website Connect page, or contact me at the addresses/numbers below.

Thank you for reading; thank you for being a writing center advocate. Many thanks to Joyce, Liz, and Chris for their outstanding work as board members. They’ve kept us going through a transitional stage and have landed us on firm ground. Thanks to Kelly and Mary Ann who stepped-up to fulfill their new roles and have already made a huge difference for the organization. Thanks to the former board members who served so generously and well. “We are better together than we are alone.”

P.S. We are working diligently to update the website—your patience and your suggestions are much-appreciated.

 Star Coulbrooke

 USU Writing Center Director

RMWCA President

Coordinator of Helicon West

3200 Old Main Hill

Logan UT 84322-3200

(435) 797-3853 or 770-8217