Upcoming Events

January 24, 2014     Northern California Writing Across the Curriculum Conference
                                San Francisco State University

Interactive workshops for faculty focus either on best practices for teaching writing across the curriculum or on projects that assess or research teaching. The morning of the conference will be devoted to best practices, while the afternoon will feature assessment or research designs developed by faculty across disciplines. CONFERENCE INFORMATION

February 6, 2014    Academic Literacy Summit
                               University of California, Davis

This year's Academic Literacy Summit focuses on how teachers and schools can innovatively adapt to the new California Common Core Standards in literacy across all subjects. These new standards promise teachers greater flexibility in helping all their students achieve, and we see the Summit as an opportunity to showcase and discuss teachers' and schools' good ideas.
CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Deadline December 11, 2013)

April 4–5, 2014    Northern California Writing Centers Association Conference
                            Sacramento City College

For the 2014 Convention of the Northern California Writing Centers Association, we invite proposals that share with fellow members of the NCWCA how your centers have played to, from, and with your many strengths. Each center, bringing its unique institutional heritage and role, offers its own strengths in the constant bid to authorize and re-authorize students as writers. Please come to the Northern California wine country in spring of 2014 to share with your colleagues some ways you have engaged this mission. CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Deadline January 15, 2014)

April 11-12, 2014    Nevada Conference on Digital Learning
                                University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The Nevada Conference on Digital Learning seeks proposals for interactive and engaging presentations related to changes and innovations in all aspect of eLearning and digital learning. Proposals should relate to the this year’s conference themes and address the unique challenges and opportunities with the delivery, support, evaluation, and management of digital teaching and learning in the state of Nevada. CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Deadline January 10, 2014)