The RMWCA Tutor Conference, Mini Gatherings, and Seed Money Guidelines

RMWCA Tutor Conference


·       To gather tutors and administrators from across our eight-state region

·       To provide professional development opportunities for tutors and administrators in a formal conference                     setting

Characteristics of the RMWCA Tutor Conference

·       Takes place on odd-numbered years

·       Draws from all eight RMWCA states and beyond and is generally larger than the mini gatherings

·       Hosted by an RMWCA member

·       Designed to be a formal conference that showcases tutor work, research, and contributions

·       Provides an opportunity for administrator professional development

·       Accepts proposal from tutors and administrators


·       Recruit and confirm host

·       Provide connection to previous host (to provide guidance on planning, budgeting, etc.)

·       Provide registration discount for RMWCA members

·       Provide seed money

·       Advertise

·       Award travel grants


Mini Gatherings across the RMWCA Region


·       To provide intimate, informal, and affordable opportunities for tutors and administrators to convene

·       To provide frequent professional development opportunities for tutors and administrators in informal settings

Characteristics of Mini Gatherings

·       Can take place during any year, with multiple mini gatherings especially encouraged during non-RMWCA                Tutor Conference years (even-numbered years)

·       Act as small, informal, and low stakes opportunities to gather regional members

·       Take place all across our region and may gather tutors and administrators from more than one state

·       Provide professional development for administrators or tutors

·       Is organized around a small geographic area (city, county, state, adjacent states)


·       Encourage and inspire, through RMWCA State Reps, mini gatherings

·       Provide seed money

·       Advertise

·       Award travel grants

·       Travel grants available


Seed Money Guidelines

Seed money grants are intended to provide start-up funds for hosts of writing center conferences and professional development events. Seed money must be repaid within 60 days of the event. RMWCA should be listed as a sponsor of the funded event.

Applications should be submitted to Elizabeth Kleinfeld by email ( Questions about the application should be directed to Elizabeth. Applications should include

 The applicant’s name, title, institutional affiliation, email address, phone number, home address, and a clear statement of whether the application is for Seed Money or a Research Mini-Grant.

  1. An abstract (200 words maximum) describing what the Seed Money or Research      Mini-Grant will be used for.
  2. A proposal narrative (1000 words maximum) describing the purpose and outcomes of the proposed activity; who will benefit from the proposed activity; and a timeline for the activity.
  3. A budget justification
  4. The applicant’s CV

Proposals will be evaluated by the RMWCA Executive Board.

Recipients of Seed Money will be required to submit a report within 30 days of the event which explains how the funds were used. Seed money is expected to be repaid within 60 days of the event.